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Our software solutions make a real difference to business efficiency with cost effective and user friendly interactions. We make it easy for you to bring your digital ideas to reality with realistic, affordable and business-savvy products.

Our forte encompasses the board spectrum of your business - whether building custom applications, developing efficient POS solutions, tailoring an existing software product to meet new requirements, or providing support: We do it all

We determine your business goals and then do real users-research to discover what really matters to your software vision. Our ability to balance quality with high-speed delivery without compromise is what makes CUBES the partner of choice.

Whether it’s a point-of-sale solution for your business, a simple web application or a sophisticated custom software product, we are driven to meet client needs with remarkable products that solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

E POS System & POS Solutions

Buy EPOS, POS systems Dubai, best retail POS software Dubai, best Point of sale systems software Dubai, retail POS software solutions in Dubai, UAE. An Electronic point of sale systems software Dubai (EPOS) is a combination of software and hardware which can help you run your business more effectively. EPOS, point of sale system dubai monitor the transactional information and generate detailed reports in response to the input data. This technology allows owners and managers to get more insight into their business and make actionable changes to increase revenue and cut costs. The hardware pieces that make up an EPOS system are connected via cables or wirelessly and include a receipt printer, tablet, and barcode scanner.

CUBES offer the best EPOS, POS systems Dubai, best retail POS software Dubai, best Point of sale systems software Dubai, retail POS software solutions, point of sale POS software Dubai, billing software dubai, best POS software, POS solutions in Dubai and UAE. The system can be accessed from anywhere through a browser to monitor and report in real time. With driving technology to enhance the value of the client's business, our IT solutions include full-fledged POS products for restaurants, retail stores, canteens, and other custom business application software. We can also implement a mobile POS for your business to make it more dynamic.

Types of POS Systems

All businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology. Our POS systems are simple to use and modular and is the best POS software Dubai. They are scalable, and the employees can be trained in a short time.

We offer a variety of POS systems that are fast, robust, and powerful.

  • CUBES Retail POS: At CUBES, we provide targeted solutions and retail POS software in Dubai to small and large retail outlets, malls with central billing system, departmental stores, cosmetics business, fashion and apparel stores, e-commerce stores and more.
  • CUBES Resto - Point of sale system for restaurants: POS systems help in a single place management and inventory and stock management. It also has custom software to elevate your customer’s dining experience.
  • CUBES POS For Supermarket: We satisfy all your requirements right from stock to sale to and help you to track non-moving items, expiry goods, integrating stores in multiple locations, and detailed inventory system.
  • CUBES ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions. This software is integrated with other CUBES software to provide real-time business intelligence.
  • CUBES Plus POS: It is a mobile POS system that can be used by retailers and different businesses for accounting operations, promotional and marketing application to continue their services on an industrial scale.
  • Gym Management POS: This software can be used in various applications in relation with the gym operations to manage their business processes. It helps to simplify the membership process and provides tailored gym equipment available in all sizes.
  • Laundry Management POS: CUBES Laundry Management Software offers a revolutionary way for managing laundry operations from production to administration, inventory management and customer service for today’s modern, sophisticated commercial laundries as well as hospital and hotel laundries.
  • Canteen Management POS: The solution is easy to install, seamless to run and maintain, and it implements a paperless and cashless transaction eco-system with a well-defined set-up supporting multiple users with discreet access allocation.
  • Salon booking POS: CUBES Salon Booking Software is a fully optimized solution built on the latest technology platform that provides a robust and secure scheduling solution for salons and spas around the world.
  • CRM Software: The software offers an amazing degree of customization options for you to tailor the feel of CRM to match your brand, thus enabling you to leverage a world of information and opportunity.
  • Business Software: Our software division focuses on integrating applications with the existing ERP system of the customers to seamlessly monitor staff performance, login and log-off times, employee details, finances and more in a user-friendly manner.

PDA Software

PDA software had always been significant tool for business executives. The software authorizes a business to be well connected and stay organized. It works irrespective of the location as it permits real time online data to the business. The PDA software works by syncing and synchronizing the updates information on PDA and computer.

Process of Getting POS Software

  • Organise Visit: The client can contact us via phone, visit the CUBES outlet, or have the representative schedule a meeting. The concerned person will then visit your place of business and analyze how to best leverage the POS solution which will suit your needs. The customer will be part of every decision made.
  • Quotation: A quotation is sent to the client as per customization needs. The price and details will be decided by the type of POS solution that the customer requires.
  • Signing Contract: If the client agrees on the rates for the custom POS solution, then a contract is signed between the customer and company.


CUBES delivers innovation to enpower hospitality and retail professionals. We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help business and societies flourish.

Accelerate your business velocity with our enterprise grade software products and solutions.

How POS Solution Works

Cutting-edge POS solutions for retail and restaurant business segments, extensibility into the mobile platform and robust software solutions form the core of our portfolio.

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