Billing software system Dubai, best retail POS software Dubai

CUBES provide the best retail POS software in Dubai, Billing software system Dubai for a number of billing software to the customers. POS Billing software Duabi is able to keep a good track on the employees working hours. CUBES retail POS software system also keeps in touch with the customers and projects with effective pricing. The integrated retail POS , billing software Dubai also features billing handling and time tracking along with invoicing clients for products and services.

Types of Billing Software, POS Till Systems we provide

CUBES provide a number of retail POS, billing software in Dubai, Accounting software in Dubai. The details of the types of retail POS, billing software Dubai, POS Till Systems are as follows:

  • 1. Retail Sale System: A retail sale system is used particularly in retails operations where transaction process in automated. This type of billing software is also developed by CUBES for tracking of critical sales data.
  • 2. Restaurant Billing System Dubai: CUBES offers this software to assist in proper management of billing in restaurant. It also helps in management of recipes, free accounting, call order, kitchen order taking and table layout.
  • 3. Accounting & Inventory System: Accounting and inventory system is made by CUBES that permits the company for handling big volume of data. It also makes sure that the gathered data is recorded with accuracy.
  • 4. Gym Billing Management Dubai: Gym billing management is a billing software developed by CUBES for providing easy to handle experience to the customer. This can be done in terms of POS, full booking system, billing integration, mobile application for members and staff and 24/7 access to door control.
  • 5. Salon Booking Software: Salon booking software enables the salon owners for booking appointments, attracting new customers and billing payments with professional scheduled appointment. This is made very effective and super handy for the customers.
  • 6. Laundry Billing Software Dubai: This software is capable of end- to- end management of software to manage customers and owners’ timer with feature like slots, services, deliveries and more.
  • 7. School Canteen Management Software: This system is designed as a solution for school and company canteens irrespective of their material and stock normalisation capacity.
  • 8. CRM Software: CRM software by CUBES presents a broad application set to support the processes of the company. This includes customer interaction, accessing business information, managing customer data, and sales automation.
  • 9. Custom Software: CUBES custom software is created to serve particular kind of companies or individual users as per their customised needs for the software.
  • 10. Mobile/Tablet POS Software: CUBES Mobile/Tablet POS software is made for processing transactions, tracking inventory, employee management and knowing customers better.

Cost & Process of That Service

  • Call: A call is received by the client or customer in need of a particular or required hardware.
  • Quotation: The consultants the gives quotation on the particular requirement of hardware to the client.
  • Deliver: After the approval of the quotation, the hardware is delivered to the customers on the scheduled time.

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