CUBES CRM Software

CUBES CRM brings you a cutting edge, affordable and reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software engineered from the ground up to create personalized experiences for each and every customer, and build deep relationships that accelerate business growth. The software offers an amazing degree of customization options for you to tailor the feel of CRM to match your brand, thus enabling you to leverage a world of information and opportunity.

Build profitable relationships for long term success with CUBES CRM. You can achieve razor-sharp precision in managing accounts, collaborating on sales opportunities, and accurately forecasting pipeline and revenues. The software enables you to drive a comprehensive customer engagement strategy that improves business efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks and shorten your sales cycle. Free up your sales team to focus on what they do best. We have iteratively refined the software interface to achieve perfection on every level, which means that what you get real-time insight to the information important to you and your role, at your fingertips – all this on a single, multi-functional window.

CUBES CRM is designed to work seamlessly with products that are vital to your everyday function. Popular integrations include Google apps, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Evernote and Unbounce. Our core design process was crafted to enable users to get the most out of an incredibly light and feature-packed CRM software. This makes CUBES CRM easy to use and it adapts to you with incredible flexibility.

CUBES CRM is a complete solution for you to track leads, optimize your sales activities, and foster better customer relations.