School Canteen POS software Dubai, UAE

CUBES Canteen POS software Dubai, UAE helps schools to simplify their canteen management operations. Canteen POS software Dubai is easy to install, and seamless to run and maintain. Canteen POS software implements a paperless and cashless transaction eco-system with a well-defined set-up supporting multiple users with discreet access allocation. This system works with crisp accuracy and precision, thus ensuring greater overall management efficiency.

Technology underlying every mechanism that powers the features of this software has been rethought and engineered to perfection. This will ensure that everything is organized and calculated with no chances of processing errors. All the food items can be tracked by the canteen owners and the management can even see and decide which items to be allowed on the campus, taking into account both health and eating habits of students on campus.

You can do away with the manual system of maintaining cash and coupons. The software features a fully integrated cashless eco-system that supports both prepaid and post paid methods of accounting. The system can be seamlessly linked into the school’s existing payroll package for direct debit facility from student accounts. Automated reminders to parents when balances are low speeds up the overall managment process with lightning efficiency.

Cutting-edge authentication features elevate CUBES School Canteen Management software to a whole new level of performance and security. User identity can be verified through the use of magnetic ID cards that tie directly to all the necessary details needed to maintain a student’s transaction status and history. Better still, the software offer state-of-the-art fingerprint verification technology that is designed to take full advantage of the latest hardware.

Key Features

  • Facility for both prepaid and post paid transactions
  • User configurable time zone based availability
  • Shortkeys for fast item selection
  • Prepaid balances and transaction-wise deduction
  • Vendor-wise reports for payable verification
  • Integration with payroll software for deductions at month end

CUBES School Canteen Management software enables you to efficiently manage canteen activities with great confidence in a less cluttered environment.