Laundry Management Software in Dubai, UAE

CUBES Laundry Management Software in Dubai, UAE provides a complete Laundry Software solution and offers a revolutionary way for managing laundry operations from production to administration, inventory management and customer service for today’s modern, sophisticated commercial laundries as well as hospital and hotel laundries in Dubai, UAE. The Laundry Software in Dubai, UAE is meticulously refined to make interaction a better experience all around, whether you are running a single outlet laundry business or multi outlet chain of dry cleaning shops in Dubai, UAE.

CUBES provide efficient laundry management software in Dubai, UAE which is a web based application that helps in customer online laundry tracking with real time access. The technology keeps the company to connect in integrated mode. The laundry software can be utilised in supermarkets, hospitals, garments store, restaurants and laundries in managing online payments and delivery schedules.

Features of our Laundry Software in Dubai, UAE

Web based Application: CUBES provide laundry software in the form of web based application for communication with online customers. The implementation of the web based application has made it possible for clients to seek online software for laundries.

  • Online Laundry: CUBES has helped many customers as it acts as informational feature to connect with online laundries software. Online laundry is designed to provide complete ease to the customers.
  • Customers Online Laundry Tracking: The company has designed software in the shape of technology system where online tracking of laundry is available for customers.
  • Online payment: Online payment is a feature introduced in the laundry software to ease the payment process. The payments can be made by customers via credit cards.
  • Online delivery Scheduling: The feature of online delivery schedule is very informational to deliver a confirmation to the customer in order to inform them the delivery time of scheduled laundry. The time frame is made by means of systemised operating to avoid any delay in online delivery schedules.

Cost & Pricing of our Customized Laundry Software in Dubai, UAE

  • Schedule Meeting: The meeting is scheduled online where Microsoft is responsible to develop application.
  • Quotation: The quotation is provided by the firm where the prices are quoted with respect to the customisation of laundry software as suggested by the client.
  • Contract Signing: The company then signs the contract with client on legal terms and conditions of the organisation.

The software offers a full, uncompromising experience that is both functional and intuitive. You can track each garment throughout the workflow with unprecedented efficiency, thanks to the flexibility in setting up pickup and delivery dates for each transaction. This ensures the orders readiness or time, and eliminates the possibility of wrong deliveries. Customers can also receive live status updates of orders through modern communication channels.

CUBES Laundry Management Software makes managing your sales a breeze. With no need for costly specialist hardware you can get started straight away with a low cost receipt printer and/or garment tag printer. The software support most thermal receipt printers, garment tag printers and cash drawers. You also have the option of accepting partial or full payment before delivery. Accept both in-store and online payments, and store customer credit cards.

With no need for costly specialist hardware, you can easily keep track of your stores, no matter your location. Track performance & growth with easy to use metrics and have a detailed summary of every activity during the course of the day. Keep all the information on your fingertips and stay ahead of your schedule. Never let your customer be disappointed by missing on any delivery date or failing to process a payment method of their choice.

CUBES Laundry Management Software has been designed to help you get the most out of an incredibly feature-packed solution. Each essential element has been rethought to deliver an uncompromising user experience.


Enhance productivity with personalization options like software branding, garment and service and price list, business rules, taxation rules etc.

Better communication

Setup automated reminders for pickups sitting in your inventory. Connect with customers and maintain a cohesive environment ensuring customer delight.

Customer information management

Enhance personalized service by keeping a complete record of your clients including customized preferences and account management for fast processing.

Improve productivity

Minimize human effort with automated management of financial statements and payment statuses and ensure effective tracking of orders until completion.