Professional Gym POS software Dubai

CUBES Gym POS Software Dubai is a solution specifically designed POS software system for health clubs, gyms in Dubai, where point of sale system is managed with respect to the unique needs of business. Professional gym POS software system Dubai has many aspects that has to be considered by an operating system. For this purpose, CUBES has provided a professional gym POS software solution where they have designed a multi task gym POS software in Dubai. This software can be used in various applications in relation with the gym operations to manage their business processes. It helps to simplify the membership process and provides tailored gym equipment available in all sizes. It eases the customer in online gym billing and gives them an advantage to register online to monitor their daily gym routines.

Gym Point of Sale Software Dubai Features

CUBES offer gym POS software with the following features for their customers to gain advantage from:

  • 1. Simplified Membership Management: This feature provides an easy access to customers to manage the system with membership package offers and members list. It also manage gym renewals and contracts. The daily membership management operations are effectively managed by CUBES Gym POS Software to increase their focus and promote their business growth.
  • 2. Stress Free Gym Billing: This feature helps automate the online billing process with proper implementation of accounts records. The payment processing is built-in smartly with built in technology in the software.
  • 3. Designed to fit gyms of all sizes: The software has designed solution for enriching it with amazing flexibility extent to handle daily gym operations. The software is designed universally for gym trainers and owners to adapt easily to fit the facilities, resource schedules and size of any gym.

Being effortlessly easy to use, our software makes it simple to manage members lists and mamebership package offers, enroll members to a package, create custom membership plans, manage contracts and renewals, and track active members and nurture prospects. It focuses on both increasing the efficiency of your daily member management operations, as well as providing the tools to promote business success and growth in the long term.

CUBES Gym Members Management Software streamlines and automates your payment processing tasks to help your run your gym more efficiently. With a streamlined payment processing smartly integrated into the software, you can easily send out billing reminders, invoices and receipts with automated emails, and collect payments. This gives you flexibility and control over your payments process, helping to reduce bad debtors and maximizing your profit.

CUBES Gym Members Management Software provides an amazing degree of flexibility in how you handle the daily operations of your gym. The software is universally designed for gym owners and trainers, and can be easily adapted to fit the size, facilities, and resource schedules of any gym. The software will enable you to increase member retention and achieve your goals - providing the tools and critical information you need to operate and manage your gym.

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Additional Features of this Software

The software is developed by CUBES with following additional features:

  • Facility and Resource Scheduling
  • Automated Communication
  • Customised Reporting
  • Instructor Scheduling
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Automated Payment Processing
Manage all aspects of your fitness business from one easy to use system

Facility & Resource Scheduling

Automate facility and class scheduling, eliminate double bookings, and allow gym staff to quickly search for available dates, rooms and trainers in real-time.

Automated Communication

Setup automatic reservation reminders and messages for special occasions like birthdays, making it easier to stay in touch with your members.

Customized Reporting

Get detailed financial reporting with easy view of key metrics so that you can track your gym’s performance, membership sales, payments and more.

Instructor Scheduling

Improve the efficiency of staff and personal trainers with auto-reminders and intuitive scheduling tools; you can put an end to scheduling conflicts.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance through manual entry, magnetic swiping, or barcode key scanning and empower members to check-in for each class on their own.

Automated Payment Processing

With our built-in payment processing options, you can ensure that all your transactions are securely stored, managed and processed in one place.