Asset Management Software UAE, Dubai

"Simplify your asset management process and focus on what matters most-growing your business."


Revolutionize your organization’s management of assets with our cutting-edge Asset Management system - the ultimate solution for organizations looking to streamline their asset management process. With CUBES Asset Management Software UAE, Dubai, you can easily track, manage, and optimize all your company's assets in one place.


The Asset Management Software enables the managers to update their core competencies and make vital decisions quickly. CUBES is one among the Top 10 Asset Management Software in  UAE, Dubai and aids businesses in aligning their goals and visions to handle resources effectively, ensuring a seamless and productive workflow. The software is easy to run with interactive dashboards, intelligent tools, and world-class support.


CUBES Asset Management Software offers fully integrated solution and capabilities in a single platform. It gives the framework to manage the life cycle of assets from its initial usage to retirement cycle.


CUBES offers a powerful Barcode/QR code/RFID generation utility, empowering users to effortlessly create and print codes. Paired with the CUBES Android App, it streamlines and simplifies operations, enabling users to manage their tasks with ease and efficiency


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Features of Asset Management System:


  • Modules: Sales, Return, Payment, Stock Take, Stock Transfer, Stock Card.
  • Generating & Printing of Barcode & Serial Number: This functionality allows the system to generate and print unique barcodes and serial numbers for each product or asset. Barcodes simplify the tracking process, making it easier to manage inventory and assets efficiently.
  • Asset Depreciation: Asset depreciation refers to the gradual decrease in the value of tangible assets over time. The system calculates and track depreciation, providing accurate financial reporting and helping with decisions such as asset replacement or upgrades.
  • Locate Asset by Person, Department, or Branch: This feature enables users to quickly locate assets based on the person, department, or branch to which they are assigned. It streamlines asset management and facilitates efficient tracking.
  • Transfer Asset to Person, Department, or Branch: Allows for the smooth transfer of assets between individuals, departments, or branches. The system should update records accordingly, reflecting the new asset location and responsible party.
  • Monitor Asset Movement by Serial Number: Tracking assets by serial number provides a detailed history of each item. This feature allows users to monitor the movement of specific assets, providing insights into their usage and location changes over time.
  • Monitor Asset Warranty, Upcoming Service Date, and Service History: The system should keep track of asset warranties, upcoming service dates, and maintenance/service history. This ensures timely maintenance, reduces downtime, and helps in making informed decisions about asset replacements or upgrades.
  • Mobile Android Application for Smooth & Simplified Operation: The mobile application provides on-the-go access to the asset management system. Users can perform various tasks, such as asset transfers, stock checks, and viewing reports, using their Android devices, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Reports for Asset Misplacement: The system should generate reports highlighting instances of asset misplacement. These reports can include information about missing or misplaced assets, aiding in their quick recovery and preventing potential losses.
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