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CUBES offers feature-rich restaurant management software in Dubai, UAE, the best Point of Sale, POS systems for restaurants that helps owners and restaurant manager take control of their inventory and labor. Our restaurant pos software dubai, restaurant pos system dubai is intuitive and user-friendly so that you, the manager and your employees will be experts within a short span of time. Customized workflows help the point of sales to mold to your business, and our enterprise-grade software is ideal for restaurants of any size. It is robust for harsh environments, and advanced API integrations give you all the tools you need. Our software will work in any bar or restaurant and can effortlessly handle multi-concept operations.


POS restaurant Software  System Dubai Features

  • Integrated with CUBES INVENTORY for easy recipe management
  • Customize ordering menus to fit your way of doing business
  • Customer Loyalty System, to award frequent patrons with points and give discounts is also available in CUBES RESTO Software (Additional Option)
  • Capable of printing an item into multiple kitchen printers
  • Supports use of a Kitchen Display System
  • Supports Arabic
  • Supports addition of Service Charges/Tax
  • Has multiple discount options and happy hour pricing
  • Re-arrange tables similar to your restaurant layout
  • Allows definition of sides options (i.e. Vegetables, Salads, Dressings, Soups, Potatoes, etc.)

Our Restaurant point of sales software is created for:

  • Casual and Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai
  • Fast food
  • Ice-Cream Parlors in Dubai, UAE
  • Refreshment Centers in Dubai
  • Food Kiosks
  • School Canteen
  • Catering
  • Bars / Clubs

Modules included in the restaurant point of sales system:

  • Dine-In
  • Quick Sales
  • Delivery
  • Advanced Orders
  • Bar Tab
  • Reservation
  • Cashless Service for School Canteens
  • Wastage
  • KOT Status Monitor
  • Dashboards
  • Customer Account Management
  • Link with Call Centre Module (Additional Option)

The hardware of the point of sales system is Integrated with:

  • Touch Operated Screens
  • Cash Drawers
  • Customer Pole Displays
  • POS Receipt Printers
  • POS Kitchen Printers
  • Dual Displays
  • Tablet Devices
  • Caller ID
Restaurant POS Systems

Advantages of Restaurant Management Software in Dubai, UAE

Restaurant POS System in Ddubai
Single Place Management
The restaurant management point of sales software can be customized to single place management. This type of management helps in providing efficiency in their functional services. This feature helps in the effective ordering of the products where the inventory can be managed without functional technology.
Inventory and Stock Management
The inventory management in the restaurant supply chain consists of goods as it travels through the supply chain. This function helps the company in the stock mix and also to meet the different demands of the customer concerning inventory.
Elevate Your Customer Dining Experience
The restaurant management software helps in elevating the customer experience by providing top class restaurant services. The software enhances the customer service and improves efficiency. The dining experience is hassle-free and organized due to advanced booking and seat reservations.
Custom Features
There are also other features provided by CUBES which improve function and strengthen the establishment of the restaurant in the customer's view. These are customized features of the software that offers the restaurant manager integrated menu, sales, employees, and inventory.

How Restaurant POS Works

Process and Cost of Having a POS System

Schedule Meeting
CUBES will arrange a meeting with the client for understanding the requirement of the restaurant software.
A quotation is provided to the client after understanding their needs on creating a customized restaurant POS software.
Signing Contract
A signing contract is developed on the consent of the company and customer. Both parties sign the contract to deliver the required software to the customer.

Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants Features

Our restaurant POS software in Dubai is simple to learn and easy to use. The POS system can be customized according to the needs of the restaurant staff. The features that a point of sale for restaurant must have are:

Complete Billing Operations
Billing operations of any business demand a lot of accuracy in tallying while mapping the cost of each ordered item. Considering the complexity of complimentary items and extra charges to be levied, the online POS system will align your tasks of billing and receipt generation through smooth navigation.
Reservation of Table
Reserve or pre-book a specific table for a date and time and mark a table "in use" when you have assigned the table to walk in customers. Add table number to your customer's invoice for easy tracking.
Menu Management and Tracking
Create and manage multiple menus for your restaurant and render an exceptional experience to your guests.
Inventory and stock management
With the right restaurant POS features, restaurant inventory and stock management does not have to be so daunting.
Daily Sales Report
The sales report dashboard on your POS provides an overview of all transactions completed daily.
POS Software for Restaurant

Advanced features enable you to simplify your order taking so that you can focus more on what matters the most - your customers. By using the latest technology, you are assured that your reports are presented in ways you have never imagined possible!

Restaurant POS Machine and Software

No matter whether you run a fast food business, a refreshment center, a school canteen, or a fine dining restaurant, CUBES RESTO will make your operation more efficient. Our well streamlined workflow ensures that no time is wasted in each transaction that you do.

Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants

CUBES Resto is designed with efficient delivery management in mind. The software focuses specifically on speed, efficiency and security. With the ability to process orders faster than any legacy POS system, accelerate order taking and customer service with extreme precision.