Supermarket POS Software Dubai, UAE

CUBES POS software for supermarket - in Dubai, UAE, Grocery POS Software. There are many supermarkets running on small, medium and large scales in Dubai. For large scale organizations, the business realise the need of Grocery Management Software that should be able to provide managed services to customers. For supermarkets operating on small or medium scale should look upon improved POS Software for Grocery that is able to benefit the business profitably. Hence, for this purpose, software for supermarket is a super necessity that has features including integrated tracking of purchased goods, manage resource transaction, maintain advertising functions by retailers etc.

Ranges of POS Software for Supermarket

POS software for supermarket provides the following range of software services into the listed retailing organizations’ sectors:

  • Hyperactive: The supermarket software is integrated to adjust in hyperactive organizations efficiently. It provides a convenient experience to both users and customers as the handling of the software is really easy.
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores: The software application can be used by retailers operating supermarkets and grocery stores. The point of sale in these markets becomes easier to manage their processes.
  • Fashion & Department Stores: The POS software for supermarket can also be utilised by retailers serving in fashion and department stores. Their financial transactions is one of the most complex procedure that can be fixed by the implementation of such products.
  • Cosmetics & Electronics: Cosmetics and electronics stores also perform function of retail organization. Therefore, the retailers can use such technologies for delivering improved services to their customers.
  • Specialty Stores: CUBES also provides supermarket software in the specialty stores. The tracking of inventory, resources, advertising, purchased products and other business processes can be managed effectively by the help of POS software for supermarket

Additional Features Supermarket POS

In Store Point of Sale: In store point of sale is a feature integrated in the supermarket software that helps the user for using the function of point of sale that is built-in within the software.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory management enable organizations to manage their inventory in the supermarket. It is done with respect to the supply and demands of consumer markets.
  • Finance & Accounting Management: One of the main issue that often arise in supermarket software in the accounting management. Many POS software for supermarket crashes down. Therefore, CUBES has been offering products that manages backup data. Hence whenever the system crashes down, all the financial transactions are recorded in system backup.
  • Customer Relationship Management: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a feature that is used for maintenance of customer relationship. This provides services like billing, discounts, customer memberships etc.
  • Purchase Management: Whenever a customer buys products from retailers, a history is maintained on the backup of supermarket software to record purchasing history of consumers.
  • Mobility Solution: POS software for supermarket also provides an additional mobility solutions for retail organizations. This provides functionality of deploying mobile services. It supports invariably to manage devices, users, security, information, and updates.
  • Bill Payment: CUBES has integrates a feature in the software for supermarket that provides suitable bill payment for customers. This feature allows the user for tracking previous and current bill payments.
  • Data Security & User Access Control: It is very critical for retailers to opt for a POS software for supermarket that ensures security. Hence, CUBES delivers an effective feature in their products to make sure that user access control and data security is met effectively.