Various reasons why a business needs custom software

What is custom software?

Custom software is software which is specifically made for a specific individual or organization to meet their specific requirements.

Custom software performs only limited tasks for a business irrespective to what kind of business it is being used for.

Various Reasons why a business needs custom software?

The reasons of using a custom software in business can be studied by analyzing the following points:

For accomplishing one task you are using multiple software pieces: If you are using different software for each different task then it doesn’t make any sense. For example if you are using one software application for measuring your sales and inventory, another for your sales invoices, and yet another for carrying out your shipments, then your profitability may get affected in the long run.

If you are tracking and analysing data by hand: If you are using spreadsheets for keeping a track on your sales and inventory, you are making the process difficult for you as far analysis of data is concerned.

You doing the repetitive tasks manually: Payroll, inventory, and invoices are the tasks which have to be performed on regular basis and considered to be manual tasks. So if you are performing these manual tasks repetitively then you are calling for number of problems.

Your software isn’t flexible: software which is not flexible enough to adjust with the expansion or contraction of business cycle needs is considered to be inefficient for your business.

You are always in search and test mode: You are in the process of methodically testing all kinds of software applications meant for performing specific tasks. Some of the applications do not provide you the required task performance you need, other software applications may not provide you the features you want to use. So you are basically trying to link different software together which is not related to each other and trying to accomplish a complete business solution.

You need to meet the compliance standards: The industries are requires to follow government regulations for using software applications and are required to keep up with the compliance standards of the application software. So if your business doesn’t have the required resources to gather information it creates difficulty for the business to meet the compliance standards.

You should have processes that should be simple but they are not: It’s difficult to carry on your business if for a single task you have to perform multiple tasks to get it completed.

You have multiple locations: If you running a business from one location to another you need to access information and update also for all locations. But it might be that the software you are using for multiple locations may make the communication difficult for all locations thus creating problems for your business.

You have lots of paper: Generally all types of businesses try their best to have a paperless office work but it’s possible to get rid of that loads of paper work for example you could get rid of the printed dispatch reports.

Your software is too old: No doubt using application software is a costly affair for a business but that doesn’t means the business should be carried on using outdated application software which instead creates problems for business instead of giving benefits.

So if you think you business has any problems as mentioned in the above points it time to get hold of custom software.