The ways to boost sales in a super market

What is a super market?

It is basically a large retail store where customers can buy from a wide range of products that is, purchasing products right from groceries, to dairy and bakery products, or household merchandise items, or sometime some non food items arranged in a single package.

What can be the ways to boost your sales in your super market?

Since the grocery items in a supermarket have low margin, hence a supermarket needs to generate more volume of sales to cover up with the low margins of other products.

This again depends as how far your supermarket is efficient in making more satisfied customers, and giving them a memorable experience which they can share with other people. This can be done by keeping in mind the following points as mentioned below:

Advertise: This is the first step which goes in for boosting your sales so that you are able to attract more customers to your supermarket. You can utilise the space inserts which the news paper agencies generally provide for highlighting your supermarket offers. You can even print coupons to induce customers for buying items which are high on sale.

In store coupons: you have to place coupon inside the isles with different racks in your market so that the customers are able to notice products on each rack and may even feel like purchasing items they don’t even want. Additionally you place coupons along with sheets fit in front of your store so that the customers can notice items they are looking for.

You can change item locations: you have to make a practice to keep changing the items that are popular every month or maybe every quarter to encourage them or induce them to notice other product along with the popular products and buy them.

Tier items: You can utilise the bottom two rows of your shelf since young children will be able to have an easy eye contact on the items placed at the lower shelves and if the items appeal to them their parents would be forced to buy these items. For example you could put in items like gum candy or kinder joy on these shelves to attract the attention of young ones.

You can go for larger carts: larger carts give ample space to enable customers to buy more products from your market.

Group products: you can group products with an idea of providing an ideal recipe for a meal. For example you can place spaghetti, sauce and dressings together.

Use of loss making products: by just reducing the price of lost making items you could make the customers go for the loss making items to recover your loss in these items.

Offer free samples: You can offer those products as free sample which they haven’t tried earlier. For example you can give chunk of homemade bread free with some vegetables.

Getting feedback from customers: you can go for getting the feedback from the customers with respect to the schemes offered on various products, or on the services of your staff ,or whether the customers got the variety they wanted or not.

Training your sales man: you can train your sales men to support the customers when they are on the counter searching for a product. Your salesman has to be trained to enable to give any option for selecting a product.

So after going through the above points a supermarket owner can take effective measures to increase their sales for earning better profits.