POS terminals are now extremely useful and versatile

POS stores inventory data of brands, products, and services, and their prices, offers, and rewards. And with the rapid evolution of technology, POS terminals are also being used for email campaigns and sending SMS alerts to target customers based on their product interests.

Emails through POS terminal

  • Create Subscriber List: Prepare the subscriber list by importing data from POS, emails, and contacts of deliveries to customers. You may use MailChimp for integrating your data from several apps and POS.
  • Use customized automated email campaigns: Modern Email facilities enable you to generate automated and customized mass emails and newsletters for email campaigning. Use ready-made or create personalized templates for automated campaigning schedule. Target the right customers after analysing your POS track to analyse purchasing habits of customers. Eventually, redeem coupons/discounts promised in the email campaign.
  • Use detailed reports:

    Generate detailed reports using POS to find your customers buying interests. Promote brands, products, and services they like to keep your loyal customers happy.

SMS through POS terminal

  • SMS usage improves customers’ loyalty:

    Stores send email rewards, punch cards or direct mail to attract loyal customers. However, these get misplaced leaving customers unhappy. Yet, if you integrate SMS marketing and POS you can send useful promotional messages. At POS, your salesperson can request the customer to check SMS for special savings.

  • Timely SMS:

    Mobiles have the option for location-enabled marketing that can be used for tracking customers near your store. You can send them timely SMS. Although your customer had no prior plans, he/she would enter your store to make purchases.

  • Enhance data tracking using SMS alerts and POS:

    Use special promo codes with your SMS and combine them with POS data for tracking. SMS marketing fetches more loyal customers. You can store their data for future campaigns.

  • SMS helps in inventory management:

    Going through your inventory at POS, you discover overstock of a product. Also, using POS you discover customers interested in buying that product. Send SMS alerts after integrating with POS data to those customers who buy that product.

  • SMS for updates:

    You can inform special offers, updates, shipment tracking, receipt via email, and more beneficial to customers. This is possible after integrating SMS and POS to make sure that your loyal customers are happy.

When your customers pay at POS, request their mobile number for future use. Use embedded registration forms to collect valid email and mobile numbers of all members, since these will be used while communicating with them via emails and texts using the POS. After integrating POS with email and SMS marketing you will be able to perform various tasks to run your store smoothly.